Easy To Install

In easy steps start your own social network

Sngine is super easy to install all you have to do just make sure from the server requirments and upload the files and start the installer wizard, You can check the docs for more info or see the video tutorial

Easy To Edit And Extend

No coding or programming skill needed to run Sngine

However if you want to edit the code or extend it anytime to add more features or edit current features by yourself or by hiring a freelancer you will find the code is simple to follow and trace!

Powerful Admin Panel

Intuitive administrative features provide an easy-to-use content management system for updating web content, moderating posts, enhancing visual attributes and analyzing community engagement and analytics.

All Payment Methods Supported!

Your users can pay using Bitcoin, PayPal, Local Bank, Credit Cards, and by Mobile.

  • PayPal
  • Paystack
  • Stripe
  • 2Checkout
  • CoinPayments
  • Bank Transfers

More Fun Features

Live Streaming

Sngine comes with live streaming and more advacned real-time features.

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Audio & Video Calls

Sngine support video and audio calls plus more advacned chat features like seen and typing status.

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Cloud Hosting

Sngine now is integrated with Amazon S3 service to store uploaded files in your bucket to save your server storage and better performance.

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Monetize your site through users ads system also via pro packages and subscription and membership billing plans.

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Pro Packages

Monetize your site through subscription and membership billing plans, offering paid-only access for whole website or use packages to give users ability to boost posts and pages.

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Users can create their own ads campaigns and select the target audience by multiple filters and select bidding and set the campaign budget.

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User can replenish his online credit also withdraw his affiliate or points credit to his wallet and trasnfer money to his friends.

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Sngine now support post & comment reactions so your users have more options to interect with their friends.

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Day/Night Mode

Sngine theme comes with 2 modes dark and light and user can change it with one click.

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Users now can publish their stories, Stories are photos and videos that only last 24 hours.

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Users can write articles to their friends and public with a new nice designed section to discover articles from all users.

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Marketplace, a convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community.

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Now user can raise funding request and other will be able to donate from their wallet or pay via available payments methods

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Sngine supports jobs system where page can open job request and other users can apply and answer questions and upload their resume

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Pages can publish offers with different options and user will be able to see and search throw the offers model

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Create unlimited number of forums and sub-forums and show online users and forums statistics, with notifications system.

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Add movies from YouTube, Vimeo or upload movies and manage movies genres and users will able to search and watch movies online.

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Let your users play games online also you can add games from different online resources as you want

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Points System

Users can earn points when add new post, comment or react on any post. Users will be able to withdraw their points money to wallet to their PayPal or Stripe accounts.

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Affiliates System

Affiliates will promote your website and will get more traffic. An affiliate program is an automated advertising system that will promote your network.

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Invitations System

Now you can turn off registration and invite users and send invitation codes to new users or email them.

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Gifts System

Users can send gifts to each others and admin can add, edit and delete gifts from his admin panel.

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Social Login

Users now can use their social networks accounts to signup and login to your website in just one-click.

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10+ Languages

Sngine comes with 10+ languages and support RTL languages and use gettext the technology behind WordPress translation.

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Get Started in No Time

Sngine makes it super easy to get your social network online, so you can start promoting your community to your audience.